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If you are having trouble logging in or managing your member settings (e.g., configuring Forums), you may call ClubExpress Technical Support. They are our hosting provider and are available from 6:30 am until 9 pm US Central Time, Monday-Friday. You may also reach them via e-mail at, but they will only respond during support hours.

1-866-HLP-CLUB (1-866-457-2582), or, if outside the US:  +1 847-255-0210

Note They are unable to provide information about NATA or our events, or to supply contact information that is not already displayed on the Contact Us page. For questions that they cannot answer, or if you prefer to deal with us directly, contact us at

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To report problems encountered on the website, or to send suggestions or feedback (including additional information that should be included on this page), please send e-mail to

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When using a computer (not available when using a mobile device), a floating menu is available on the right edge of every page is by moving your mouse over the left arrow.  Click on a menu item to select:

  print the current page without the banner and decorations
increase the text size (each click steps to a different size)
return to top of the page

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You submit a classified ad by visiting your member profile page (look in the Website box). You may even include photographs, and we will automatically place eligible ads into Skylines. In the future, we expect this process to become the way we submit classified ads for Skylines.

Similarly, you manage your forum subscriptions or create an online photograph album and upload your photographs by clicking on a link in that same Website box.

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There are several forums defined on the website. You are automatically enrolled in some of them (e.g., the Formation forum for formation members).

There are also aircraft type-specific forums for discussions about operating or maintaining a particular aircraft type. Those are opt-in forums, and you are encouraged to belong to at least one of them. See the section above for instructions on how to find the screen used to manage forums.  Then refer to the the image below for how to join or leave forums. It may seem counter-intuitive because the forums with green opt-in icons are available (not yet subscribed), and those with red opt-out icons are already subscribed.

By default, copies of forum posts are sent to forum members via e-mail. Use your forum preferences to manage these e-mails. E.g., you may opt to only receive daily digests instead of individual messages, or you can opt out of all e-mail copies of posts and read them on the website instead.

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Please review and update your contact information, as well as the additional member information. You will find a link to your profile by hovering over your name (above right) or you may simply click on  Member Profile information.

In the contact info, you should separate any middle initial (old NATA database combined it with first name field), set your mailing name (if different from first name/last name) and review/revise all phone numbers and e-mail address.

In the Additional Member Data, please review answers to all questions (e.g., NAA aircraft types owned or flown, aircraft owned information, and "Are you a pilot?").

Also, note that you have access to all your transaction and payment/credit history since the new website was created in October 2016.

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You upload your photograph by visiting your Member Directory page from your Profile Page . You will find a link to your profile by hovering over your name (above right) or you may simply click on Member Profile information.

Then click on the Browse button (towards bottom of Member Directory page) to find the image on your computer hard drive.

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Read the information below before renewing, which you do either by clicking on the red, arrow icon next to your name above (on computer screens, or in the floating menu below on mobile devices) or on Renew Now.
  • If you wish to receive a NATA-issued FAST card (when eligible), attend NATA formation clinics or access NATA formation training materials, you must renew as a Formation Member (new membership type in 2017; there is no longer a separate formation card fee). Your new membership type is selected on the first renewal screen. Or you may become a Life Member, since they enjoy all Formation member privileges.
  • Formation members now have their memberships aligned with year-end to simplify the annual re-issuance of FAST cards. Eligible formation members will now receive a combined membership/FAST card at the beginning of each year.
  • If you join as or renew as or convert to a Formation Member during the year, your membership will be automatically truncated to align with calendar year-end, and you will receive a credit applicable to your next renewal (or any NATA transaction). Do not be surprised that your first renewal will occur less than 12 months after you join/renew/convert.
  • Regular and basic members will no longer be reissued cards when they renew (replacement membership cards may be requested).
  • Current membership dues.

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